Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One month and a day until football

I love that 80% of Sportscenter is about football. Mort and Adam are traveling across the country giving us news from camp - and might I add, they are positioning them in the worst possible places for the interviews. It's as if the sun is shinning right in their faces and their entire interviews are with their eyes closed. We have some great headlines though- two stories in particular that are sticking to me and no, it's not Tim Tebow's haircut. I love that three of San Diego's most prominent players are 'diva-ing' it and refuse to sign a contract. I love that San Diego has this 'oh we are the team to beat in the AFC west' attitude because that is what Norv Turner condones. Well, I have news for you, San Diego. Denver, Oakland and Kansas City all have something to prove this year and if Al Davis says that Jason Campbell is going to have a breakout season then by god, he will. I'm kidding. It's hard to take what Al Davis says seriously but that's not to say that I'm not impressed by what I'm hearing from the Raider camp.

In other news, just when you thought Lebron James could not inflate his head anymore then he already has, I was wrong. When Lebron announced 'his decision' on live tv, I loved every second when coaches, media, and ex Lebron fans called out James for taking the easy way out because that couldn't be more true. To be the greatest player you must not only win championships, but you also should be the one responsible for the greatness of a team. The team should not win unless the greatest player is present on the court and making their teammates the most improved players. That's what Lebron was on track to do in Cleveland. That's not what he's going to do in Miami.

Now that's all said and done, Lebron is in South Beach and feels the need to threaten the people that struck him down. Not with a torch, but with his words. Oooooooooooo. Big bad Lebron is on the war path. Oh please!!! I'm sure Charles Barkley is crapping his pants because Lebron remembers him putting him down for taking the low road. Bosh stated that Lebron is going to feed off that negativity. Guess what, no he isn't. He is not Kobe Bryant. He folds under pressure. That is why he is in South Beach.

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