Friday, July 31, 2009

It's like the WWE

As you probably know by now, reports have come out that Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz were amongst the 104 mlb players that tested positive for performance enhancing substances back in 2003. This has caused quite the stir in the news the past 24 hours but to me, this is just another day at the ballpark. This is why:

I'm not surprised. First of all Manny just finished a 50 game suspension for testing positive for some woman drug that he didn't even know was 'illegal' to take - riiiiiiiiiight. My guess is that he didn't decide JUST this season he was going to start with these drugs. Most likely he has been taking this shit for a long time. And just as a side note, when you see a person, you just know. I worked with the WWE before. Those bodies can not be made into what they are without a little 'help'.

As far as David goes, when you sit there back in February and pick on the MLB that they should be testing everyone and those 'bad' players should be punished you're most likely doing something wrong as well. Some athletes are not the smartest people (ie lets to go a club and shoot myself in the foot).

So to follow this, who the hell cares that these guys tested positive for performance enhancing drugs back in 2003? They aren't going to take their titles away from them. They aren't going to put a little * next to their name. Performance enhancing drugs were NOT illegal in 2003 so WHO CARES?

Whomever is leaking this list needs to stop. Isn't this information top secret? Shouldn't the federal agent or some sort of government person that is leaking this go to jail? Ozzy Guillen - as crazy as he is - has got a point. This is ruining these players. Either let it all out or don't say anything. I know this is giving the media something to report about and take up air time in the middle of summer but seriously, this is making baseball (America's favorite past time) look like a circus.

And what will the next step be? Is Congress going to make Manny and David go stand in front of them and give them their life story about steroids? Doesn't Congress have anything better to do right now? Isn't America climbing up a really steep hill right now with the economy? Just let it go. They are not allowed now so lets move forward.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

And so it begins..........

So a post came in today on (btw rotoworld is my favorite website - it's like those gossip websites but instead of stupid fucking stories about Paris Hilton, it's constantly updating us with injury reports, updated starting line-ups, contract signings, and so on). The headline today reads: JaMarcus Russell reports to camp out of shape. Just ask my family and friends, I called this shit months ago. He got a nice, comfortable salary when he signed with the Raiders so according to Tim Brown, why should he be productive when he can just be a multi millionare? That guy better watch out because I know Raider fans and I wouldn't be surprised if we put a hit out on him.

I really wanted the guy to succeed. He came from LSU, he could throw a football fields length from his ass, he was tough, he could run, and now he's a fatty. So in a nutshell, I'm really stoked we signed Garcia but we are going to need a back up QB. There's always Andrew Walter.

In other Raider news, the Raiders reached a deal with their number 1 draft pick today. How long ago was the draft?

In other more positive news, Lamar Odom prevented me from having a panic attack and signed with the Lakers. He should have taken the first offer but he settled for 4 years, 33mill - 27mill guaranteed. It's nice to know that JaMarcus Russell is still making more money than him :)

Dodger update: Dodgers acquire left handed pitcher Sherrill from the Orioles. I know what you're thinking, wuptee doo. Just as a side note, this guys era is just over 2 and he has won 20 out of his 23 appearances. That's a pretty impressive resume for a guys being on a shitty ass team and playing some of the top teams in baseball.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Say bye bye to Brett for now

So it's official - Brett isn't returning to the NFL. 50 bucks says Goodell lets Vick come back week 1. Roger was banking on Brett being back and the focus being on him - not so much anymore.

Just got all the official odds to college and professional football. Stay tuned for my picks.....

Monday, July 27, 2009

Schmidt being Schmidt

Like every other Dodger fan, I wished that Jason would have come out Sunday ready to pick up sort of where he left off. He didn't. He gave up three runs in the 1st inning - again, yanked in the beginning of the 4th inning (at that time the Dodgers were losing 5-0), and the Dodgers dropped 2 of 3 to the Marlins. Well, there were a lot of little things that happened in between all those three points but those were the three things that stood out to me. I mean there were a few guys getting beamed by pitches but nothing came out of it really and the Dodgers were still losing. Was is me or were Schmidt's pitches moving in slow motion? This doesn't make me feel very comfy as the Dodgers are headed on a 7 game road trip first to St Louis and then to Atlanta. Oh and if it wasn't bad enough, they are going to be nationally televised this evening. Now the rest of the US is going to be able to see what the team with the best record in the majors actually looks like (notice I didn't say best team in baseball).

On another note, I did a whole lot of relaxing this weekend by the pool. My mom was out of town so I took over her most awesome house with a pool. As amazing and needed as it was, there was something missing - football. I don't know, maybe it was because I was watching the Dodgers lose by 8 runs at one point. Or maybe it was this Nascar race at Brickyard. Don't you think Jimmy Johnson is sick of winning? It was just a pitiful weekend for me as far as sports go but that is what you get when you're right smack in the middle of summer. Good news is that college starts in a little over two months, professional files in a week after that, and from now until then I will be on a bunch of vacations.

Friday, July 24, 2009

And now to talk about my baby....sort of

College football is great, so is baseball and basketball, but the NFL is what puts me on the map. It was the first sport I ever officially bet on - which means my favorite sport to watch. And as a Raider season ticket holder, some of my favorite days of the year is when I head to a Raider game.

I wake up first thing Sunday morning and head to Burbank airport. We start tailgating at the airport then play a game of who can drink the most bloody mary's in an hours flight - the Southwest flight attendants are our number one fans. I mean why not? We have a designated flyer/driver. Upon arriving in Oakland we take a five minute cab ride to the Oakland Coliseum with just enough time to walk through the parking lot and have a glance at all scary masked Raider fans. We head into the game around 20 minutes prior bc the security is a bit insane but at the same time I need to hear the RAAAAAIIIIDDDDEEEERRRRS echo through the tunnel. Moments later I hear the bells and I'm pumped. I wish it ended there for myself and the Raiders but unfortunately I have to watch the Raiders offense get a game total of 70 yards and the defense once again play their little hearts out. I have a feeling this is whats going to happen this year but somebody, please prove me wrong.

Outside of the Raider's mess there are a few issues that must be discussed before I make my picks for the year:

1) Sorry to have to go back to Ben but I watched his press conference and think this is going to be a long haul for the Steelers QB. I had the Steelers as my safe Superbowl bet for the season because they have the easiest schedule in the NFL and practically the same team as last year. Now, I don't know. Per that press conference I'm 100% convinced he had sex with that woman, and much like Kobe Bryant's rape case, this is not going to go away anytime soon. This case is going to court and this girl is going to get paid. And I don't know if Ben has the heart to take care of something like this in between each of his games. Don't know.

2) Who the hell wants Vick on their team? From what it's sounding like, he's going to get a four game suspension (please don't ask me how they came to that) and then he is just going to have to wait until a team picks him up. Who is that going to be? Probably a team as fucked up as the Raiders. If not them, I don't know. Michael Vick sure did pay for his mistake, he needs money, so he wants to play football. I get it. But what's not to say he isn't going to do something wrongful again? Maybe Jerry Jones will put faith in him.

3) Brett is going to play football next year so get used to it. I mean think about it this way. You love playing football, you're getting paid 10 million dollars to play football, and from what it sounds like you're healthy enough and can throw a football. What the hell is so complicated about this? Football is what Brett loves to do. If a team wants him to play football for them and he is ready then what is so difficult about this equation?

More normal football talks to be continued next week. I need to do a bit more research because Ben couldn't keep his dick in his pants.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A little Manny and some College Football

Well I decided to be a nice daughter and go out to dinner with my mother before she skipped town and I could take over her beautiful house with a pool in Calabasas. She wanted to go to a restaurant with no tv, no service, and pretty much wanted my full undivided attention. Once I left, I received a text message: Manny! Manny! Oh shit, what did I miss? Well, since Sportscenter is the most informative news show that exists on television, it caught me up to speed real fast. I'd like to say that Manny read my blog yesterday and wanted to prove me wrong, but that is not the case. To tell you the truth, this is not a fairytale come true or a miracle or even a typical Hollywood script. Manny is one of the best hitters in baseball. Forget his 'injury' he knows how to smack the shit out of the baseball - end of story. It was a wonderful moment for Dodger baseball and as a true Dodger fan, I feel really lucky that he is a part of our club. We will talk more in October.

But in other news, the Astros are something to talk about. Their pitching is stellar and I'd keep them on your radar.

Now, with some important stuff. I listen to Colin Cowherd every morning on my way to work. There's only one part of every weekday I look forward to and its the drive to work. I love Colin. He's so full of himself but at the same time knows what he's talking about. He takes criticism kind of well but also has no problem telling you how much of a knucklehead you are. Well the point of this story is that he has stepped up his college football talk big time this week - only to remind me that in a little over a month the college football season is going to kick off.

Now I used to not be into college football but ever since I started listening to Colin's passion for college football, experienced a true college football tailgate in Baton Rouge, an insanely loud Tiger stadium, and have been to some truly amazing college football title games (Texas vs USC National Championship Game), I'm obsessed. I even started betting. Oy Vey.

Much like Colin, I like Texas. Their schedule is do-able, they have plenty of players returning and the odds in Vegas are 11-1. That's a great opportunity. Florida is the obvious choice since Tebow is a man-child and he has quite the support system around him. He just has to be on top of it for every game they play. He can't have a hic-up like he did against ol miss last year. But we can also argue that it was the best thing that could have happened to Tebow. USC should be interesting. They lost a ton of players on defense (and Mr. Sanchez) however they have the best recruiting class in the nation. Pete will have something up his sleeve and I can't believe I'm going to say this but I expect good things out of them this year unlike last year where I didn't want to believe that they were going to do good things.

Now, as I mentioned yesterday my dislike for Pete Caroll (and USC). Let me tell you why:

1) Rejected from USC three times
2) Married to a man whose entire family lives and breathes LSU - and now I live and breathe LSU. And I can't get over the fact they had to share a title. LSU played for the national championship. USC didn't. Simple as that.
3) I love my friends that attended USC like you don't even know but at the same time it's also fun to rub it in their face when they lose(I loved seeing grown men cry when Stanford upset USC two years ago).
4) Disappointed w/ USC fans. You have a stadium of 100+ thousand people and its 3rd and goal for USC, game is tied in the 3rd Quarter and half the people are sitting down. Bull Shit!
5) How many people get 'field passes' for the game? This is a college football game people, not a Laker game. Sit in your seats, root for the team and watch the game. Don't make this a vip thing.
6) Pete does so much good for this community and inter-city relations that you can't hate him that much. He's a good coach and a good person.

I think I'm done for today. More college football to come, don't worry. I'm also counting down the days until I head to Baton Rouge for the LSU/Florida game. It's going to be nutz!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just another sexual assault case!

Oh Ben, what have you gotten yourself into? I would like to try and stick to one entry a day but there is just too much to say about this situation. Let's just go down the list with my smart ass remarks shall we?

1) Ok, lets just state the obvious. For someone who is one of the best QB's in the NFL, superbowl champ, superbowl MVP, you would think he could do a bit better than him, I mean her, I mean I don't even know what that is. Can't these guys keep their dicks in their pants ever? Oh god, this reminds me of the Kobe thing all over again.

2) What in the world has she been doing this past year? Something this extreme should not take a year to get out.

3) Ben really asked a girl to help fix his tv? Couldn't she have come up with a better reason for him to ask her into his room? Or if he actually did have sex with her, couldn't he have come up with a better pick up line? Especially from the hallway. I wonder where Ben really was coming from.....

4) To be on this girls side, Ben's lawyer seems oddly relaxed about this situation as if he knew that this was going to eventually become a story.

5) Where is the video footage from the hallways? That should tell us a lot.

6) And this is the topper.....according to TMZ she has been seeing a psychiatrist not because of her 'terrible' experience with good ol Ben, but because of a man who never really existed. Yes, you read that right. She got her heart broken from a made up man on the internet.

Ok, those are my thoughts. Sexual assault is a terrible terrible thing but on the other hand, coming up with a random reason to take down a high profiled athlete (or even a person not so much in the lime light) is insane.

Ouch, that hurt!

Is it me or did Manny not quite walk his little injury off? He walked in a few circles, walked into the dugout then walked into the locker room and out came Juan. It's like he was looking for any excuse to not play in the game. I remember when I was at sleep away camp and I REALLY wanted to come home. A horse stepped on the side of my foot and it didn't really hurt but I saw the opportunity to make a scene and tell my counselors that I cannot go on. I needed to go home because I couldn't walk. It was a total lie, I completely overdid it, and unfortunately I didn't get my way. On the other hand, Manny did.

Long story short, x-rays came back negative and Manny is day to day. Lucky him. Dodgers seemed to get through the night alright with a 12-3 win - enough said. The box was fabulous and once again I ate myself into a coma, didn't drink too much but had a great buzz going on. I also spent some quality time in our dugout seats only to run into our LA mayor, sheriff, and Pete Caroll - what a combo! Why is it that those three bug me? Well, the Pete Caroll thing is an obvious one since I attended the University of Arizona and my husband's family are all LSU Alumn - which we will get into that come time for college football.

On another note, I know our starting pitchers are young but I got a good look at Kershaw yesterday. Um, I don't think he's even legal.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Girl Who Like Sports - Intro

My husband and I were talking about him doing a cooking blog so I did a little research only to find out it's incredibly easy to start a blog and it's even free. Doing what a nice wife would do, I began to help him sign up. I got to the point where they ask me what I wanted to title my blog and I turned a little selfish. For anyone who knows me there is really only one thing that I love to talk about and that I have an obsessive passion for - sports.

I always wanted to start a blog, I just thought it was very time consuming and costs thousands of dollars. Well appparently that's not the case so I'm off and running........

Dodgers vs Reds, 7/20

So it's Jason Schmidt's first start in well over 700 games. During that time, he was getting paid millions of dollars to be injured, a typical day in the life of an injured Dodger. The game started out great - Jason gave up a triple to the lead off batter (only to be reviewed just in case it might have been a home run), a bat flew into the Dodger's Dugout, error throw by Russell Martin leading to a run, another error by Eithier to lead to another run, a 5% effort by Manny to catch a catch-able foul ball. 3-0 Welcome back Jason.

Luckily, the Dodgers hitting proved to be a success and we ended up winning that game 7-5. I will need to see Jason pitch again as I am not 100% convinced from his four scorless innings. I'm planning on attending tonight's game in a box. Last time I was in a box, I think I ate myself into a food coma and maybe even stumbled out of there because I had a little too much to drink. We will see if the Dodgers can pull off another win against the mighty Cincinnati Reds!

In other sports news, Lamar Odom is now begging Dr. Buss to put his offer back on the table. This whole thing just bums me out.