Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm throwing in the towel

The Dodger season is over to me. We went down to San Diego during the week, lost two of three and seven games behind. Our pitching once again proved that there is no end to the tunnel.

Let's just say hypothetically we go on some amazing run and get into the Wild Card spot. There is no way on gods beautiful green earth our pitching will hold up. It will crumble the same way it did last year against Philly during the NLCS. Sherrill must have something on Joe Torre because he should have been sent down to the minors a long time ago, if not cut. Never fails, he always gives up a lead off hit. But all pitching aside, this was the last straw:

I'm watching the Dodgers Giants game tonight. Lincecum is pitching. Two outs, top of the 4th inning. Furcal, our best hitter, is up to the plate and rips one to left field. He's running hard around the bases, as he usually does because his is like the Kobe Bryant of the Dodgers - not because he is the best baseball player in the league but because he gives it his all every single day he shows up to work and is determined to be the best and bring out the best in his teammates. He decides to continue onto third and gets nailed - out at third. Now I know this doesn't seem like a big deal but it is to me. Why would he continue onto third, especially if there are two outs? It's not like he has a chance to score on a fly ball to the outfield. There's a reason why when a baserunner is at second, they call it 'scoring position'. Look, superstars make mistakes - hence game 7 in the NBA playoffs. That was by far Kobe's worst game ever! But things are just falling out of place for the Dodgers and other teams around them are getting better and making the right moves.

Camps have started for the NFL and I'm planning my day trips to Oakland as we speak. Just get me to football please........

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