Friday, July 23, 2010

Since the last post.....

I know everyone finds it hard to believe that I wasn't on my blog every moment of the basketball playoffs, especially with the Lakers striking rich. I think I was too infatuated with Bill Simmons' minute updates while he's sitting courtside during the finals. God it made me feel so good to beat those pieces of snot. There was just something about the attitude of Celtics that I just couldn't handle. I feel like they were overly dramatic, even as something so subdue as calling a timeout seven minutes into the second quarter would happen. When I'm in a poor mood, I just think of KG's face walking off the court as the purple and yellow confetti slamming down (I know it's pieces of paper but I think the weight of the confetti really hit him hard mentally) on his bald head.

I won't talk about the game because it's over and done with. Plus we have a whole new season upon us and there is much to talk about in the middle of July. Let's say that again, middle of July. Yes, the NBA has taken over the sports world for the time being. As much as I'm bothered by this triple crown nonsense in South Florida, the NBA has leaped far past baseball as the second biggest sport in the US behind football. The beginning of the 2009 season, I was bored. The Lakers had just come off of an easy championship, it was obvious they were the best team in the league and even more obvious they were going for a back to back. Don't get me wrong, I was nervous as hell during the last two rounds of playoffs and almost had a stroke during game 7 of the finals. But if you picked the Lakers in Vegas at the beginning of the season, you didn't win that much money.

The 2010/2011 season is going to prove to be a terrific seven months. The Lakers do not have this covered. While the odds are pointing towards the Heat, I don't think thats happening either. The closer we get to the season, the more my predictions will come in.

My only team that is actually in season right now are the Dodgers. Well, let me take that back. Their season is over and now I'm focusing on the Raiders camp. A little over a month until football starts people. My Dr. told me I need to stay away from gambling for a little bit because my stress levels are a little bit through the roof. We will see how long that lasts. I have a lot of homework to do but just know football lightbulb is officially turned on. Oh, and college starts in thirty-eight days and USC will not be making a curtain call this year.

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