Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sorry for the delay

Ok, so I apologize for the lack of posts for the last four months. There are no excuses; except for the fact that I simply did not have the time. Since November, I've changed departments at work and decided to focus on the 'licensing' world (very very interesting world; a lot of people trying to stamp their names on things to make a buck or two), visited yet again my family in Louisiana, vacationed at the beautiful Grace Bay Hotel in Turks and Caicos, hit the slopes in Aspen, attempted bringing a child into this world and still attempting, and got laid off. That's just the stuff that isn't related to sports.

Since my last post I happened to experience in person the ass whipping the Saints did on the Patriots, enjoyed yet another SEC team winning the National Championship, the start of the Laker season, the middle of the Laker season, the start of the hockey season, the middle of the hockey season, an unforgettable Gold medal match between Canada and the US, an amazing Superbowl victory for the New Orleans saints, the start of Spring Training, the playoff run the LA Kings are making, and the three game losing streak by the Lakers. Like how I ended on the Lakers?

Let's not worry quite yet. Every team that plays the Lakers brings their 'A' game. That is why, my friend, the Lakers are not covering. Kobe just came back from an injury, it is taking a little bit of time for them to get into their grove. The Lakers are playing the Raptors this evening (Lakers -11) and this is going to be the start of their streak. They are going to end up with the best record in the NBA because they have to. But pick Toronto this evening because the Lakers are going to win by 10.

Yea, I started betting the NBA now because I'm a degenerate gambler and football season is over.

It's nice to be back everyone. Let's not go this long again.....

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  1. Great photo- and totally understand the absence. This ish takes a minute, glad you are back! Love reading it :o)