Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's a new overtime for the NFL

There are some instances where you complain about certain process' but nothing good will ever come out of it. For example, the bowl system. I love the idea of the playoff system because in the end, the stronger team comes out the winner for 'that moment in time.' But at the same time, the playoff system doesn't really tell me who the best team is sometimes. Did the Phillies and the Devil Rays really play in the world series a couple years ago? Were they the best teams in the MLB? No.

A few years back when LSU won the championship, there were about five other teams that should have been in New Orleans. A playoff system would have been really nice that year. But because of the 'screwed up bowl system' I got to enjoy probably some of the best days of my life in the Big Easy. Last year, the bowl system worked out perfectly however. The right teams were in the National Championship and the right team came out victorious. The point I'm trying to make is that regardless of what the rules are, there are going to always be groups that leash out against the rules.

The same goes for the new overtime rule in the NFL. The old rule made a lot of people mad. But the New England Patriots were not complaining when they beat my beloved Raiders in the 'snow storm tuck rule craze.' The losing teams in 2010 overtimes are going to have something to say about this new rule and it isn't going to be in front of their mothers. Why don't we get a chance to get a touchdown if the other team has already scored one? Why is it that pick sixes or fumbles returned for a touchdown can instantly STOP the game? Why are you trying to change the NFL to be more like college? The bottom line is that I love the new rules. It will call for a more exciting, fair, football game. But it will also call for some sort of backlash. Either way I'm ready. There is nothing like watching your team play catch up when it is totally do-able. Something about kneeling three downs when you are in field goal range in overtime doesn't really excite me very much.

On a side note, the Lakers are looking for their seventh straight win at the Spurs tonight. Lakers are +2. The Lakers can't cover when they are favored big. The Lakers can't cover when they are underdogs. The Lakers can cover when they are favored by five points or less. I think I'd take the Spurs.

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