Thursday, July 23, 2009

A little Manny and some College Football

Well I decided to be a nice daughter and go out to dinner with my mother before she skipped town and I could take over her beautiful house with a pool in Calabasas. She wanted to go to a restaurant with no tv, no service, and pretty much wanted my full undivided attention. Once I left, I received a text message: Manny! Manny! Oh shit, what did I miss? Well, since Sportscenter is the most informative news show that exists on television, it caught me up to speed real fast. I'd like to say that Manny read my blog yesterday and wanted to prove me wrong, but that is not the case. To tell you the truth, this is not a fairytale come true or a miracle or even a typical Hollywood script. Manny is one of the best hitters in baseball. Forget his 'injury' he knows how to smack the shit out of the baseball - end of story. It was a wonderful moment for Dodger baseball and as a true Dodger fan, I feel really lucky that he is a part of our club. We will talk more in October.

But in other news, the Astros are something to talk about. Their pitching is stellar and I'd keep them on your radar.

Now, with some important stuff. I listen to Colin Cowherd every morning on my way to work. There's only one part of every weekday I look forward to and its the drive to work. I love Colin. He's so full of himself but at the same time knows what he's talking about. He takes criticism kind of well but also has no problem telling you how much of a knucklehead you are. Well the point of this story is that he has stepped up his college football talk big time this week - only to remind me that in a little over a month the college football season is going to kick off.

Now I used to not be into college football but ever since I started listening to Colin's passion for college football, experienced a true college football tailgate in Baton Rouge, an insanely loud Tiger stadium, and have been to some truly amazing college football title games (Texas vs USC National Championship Game), I'm obsessed. I even started betting. Oy Vey.

Much like Colin, I like Texas. Their schedule is do-able, they have plenty of players returning and the odds in Vegas are 11-1. That's a great opportunity. Florida is the obvious choice since Tebow is a man-child and he has quite the support system around him. He just has to be on top of it for every game they play. He can't have a hic-up like he did against ol miss last year. But we can also argue that it was the best thing that could have happened to Tebow. USC should be interesting. They lost a ton of players on defense (and Mr. Sanchez) however they have the best recruiting class in the nation. Pete will have something up his sleeve and I can't believe I'm going to say this but I expect good things out of them this year unlike last year where I didn't want to believe that they were going to do good things.

Now, as I mentioned yesterday my dislike for Pete Caroll (and USC). Let me tell you why:

1) Rejected from USC three times
2) Married to a man whose entire family lives and breathes LSU - and now I live and breathe LSU. And I can't get over the fact they had to share a title. LSU played for the national championship. USC didn't. Simple as that.
3) I love my friends that attended USC like you don't even know but at the same time it's also fun to rub it in their face when they lose(I loved seeing grown men cry when Stanford upset USC two years ago).
4) Disappointed w/ USC fans. You have a stadium of 100+ thousand people and its 3rd and goal for USC, game is tied in the 3rd Quarter and half the people are sitting down. Bull Shit!
5) How many people get 'field passes' for the game? This is a college football game people, not a Laker game. Sit in your seats, root for the team and watch the game. Don't make this a vip thing.
6) Pete does so much good for this community and inter-city relations that you can't hate him that much. He's a good coach and a good person.

I think I'm done for today. More college football to come, don't worry. I'm also counting down the days until I head to Baton Rouge for the LSU/Florida game. It's going to be nutz!

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