Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Girl Who Like Sports - Intro

My husband and I were talking about him doing a cooking blog so I did a little research only to find out it's incredibly easy to start a blog and it's even free. Doing what a nice wife would do, I began to help him sign up. I got to the point where they ask me what I wanted to title my blog and I turned a little selfish. For anyone who knows me there is really only one thing that I love to talk about and that I have an obsessive passion for - sports.

I always wanted to start a blog, I just thought it was very time consuming and costs thousands of dollars. Well appparently that's not the case so I'm off and running........

Dodgers vs Reds, 7/20

So it's Jason Schmidt's first start in well over 700 games. During that time, he was getting paid millions of dollars to be injured, a typical day in the life of an injured Dodger. The game started out great - Jason gave up a triple to the lead off batter (only to be reviewed just in case it might have been a home run), a bat flew into the Dodger's Dugout, error throw by Russell Martin leading to a run, another error by Eithier to lead to another run, a 5% effort by Manny to catch a catch-able foul ball. 3-0 Welcome back Jason.

Luckily, the Dodgers hitting proved to be a success and we ended up winning that game 7-5. I will need to see Jason pitch again as I am not 100% convinced from his four scorless innings. I'm planning on attending tonight's game in a box. Last time I was in a box, I think I ate myself into a food coma and maybe even stumbled out of there because I had a little too much to drink. We will see if the Dodgers can pull off another win against the mighty Cincinnati Reds!

In other sports news, Lamar Odom is now begging Dr. Buss to put his offer back on the table. This whole thing just bums me out.

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  1. You may have had a little too much to drink, but at least you didn't stab anyone (which is the usual Dodger fan reaction to a win or a loss). Go Astros!