Friday, July 31, 2009

It's like the WWE

As you probably know by now, reports have come out that Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz were amongst the 104 mlb players that tested positive for performance enhancing substances back in 2003. This has caused quite the stir in the news the past 24 hours but to me, this is just another day at the ballpark. This is why:

I'm not surprised. First of all Manny just finished a 50 game suspension for testing positive for some woman drug that he didn't even know was 'illegal' to take - riiiiiiiiiight. My guess is that he didn't decide JUST this season he was going to start with these drugs. Most likely he has been taking this shit for a long time. And just as a side note, when you see a person, you just know. I worked with the WWE before. Those bodies can not be made into what they are without a little 'help'.

As far as David goes, when you sit there back in February and pick on the MLB that they should be testing everyone and those 'bad' players should be punished you're most likely doing something wrong as well. Some athletes are not the smartest people (ie lets to go a club and shoot myself in the foot).

So to follow this, who the hell cares that these guys tested positive for performance enhancing drugs back in 2003? They aren't going to take their titles away from them. They aren't going to put a little * next to their name. Performance enhancing drugs were NOT illegal in 2003 so WHO CARES?

Whomever is leaking this list needs to stop. Isn't this information top secret? Shouldn't the federal agent or some sort of government person that is leaking this go to jail? Ozzy Guillen - as crazy as he is - has got a point. This is ruining these players. Either let it all out or don't say anything. I know this is giving the media something to report about and take up air time in the middle of summer but seriously, this is making baseball (America's favorite past time) look like a circus.

And what will the next step be? Is Congress going to make Manny and David go stand in front of them and give them their life story about steroids? Doesn't Congress have anything better to do right now? Isn't America climbing up a really steep hill right now with the economy? Just let it go. They are not allowed now so lets move forward.

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