Thursday, July 30, 2009

And so it begins..........

So a post came in today on (btw rotoworld is my favorite website - it's like those gossip websites but instead of stupid fucking stories about Paris Hilton, it's constantly updating us with injury reports, updated starting line-ups, contract signings, and so on). The headline today reads: JaMarcus Russell reports to camp out of shape. Just ask my family and friends, I called this shit months ago. He got a nice, comfortable salary when he signed with the Raiders so according to Tim Brown, why should he be productive when he can just be a multi millionare? That guy better watch out because I know Raider fans and I wouldn't be surprised if we put a hit out on him.

I really wanted the guy to succeed. He came from LSU, he could throw a football fields length from his ass, he was tough, he could run, and now he's a fatty. So in a nutshell, I'm really stoked we signed Garcia but we are going to need a back up QB. There's always Andrew Walter.

In other Raider news, the Raiders reached a deal with their number 1 draft pick today. How long ago was the draft?

In other more positive news, Lamar Odom prevented me from having a panic attack and signed with the Lakers. He should have taken the first offer but he settled for 4 years, 33mill - 27mill guaranteed. It's nice to know that JaMarcus Russell is still making more money than him :)

Dodger update: Dodgers acquire left handed pitcher Sherrill from the Orioles. I know what you're thinking, wuptee doo. Just as a side note, this guys era is just over 2 and he has won 20 out of his 23 appearances. That's a pretty impressive resume for a guys being on a shitty ass team and playing some of the top teams in baseball.

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