Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ouch, that hurt!

Is it me or did Manny not quite walk his little injury off? He walked in a few circles, walked into the dugout then walked into the locker room and out came Juan. It's like he was looking for any excuse to not play in the game. I remember when I was at sleep away camp and I REALLY wanted to come home. A horse stepped on the side of my foot and it didn't really hurt but I saw the opportunity to make a scene and tell my counselors that I cannot go on. I needed to go home because I couldn't walk. It was a total lie, I completely overdid it, and unfortunately I didn't get my way. On the other hand, Manny did.

Long story short, x-rays came back negative and Manny is day to day. Lucky him. Dodgers seemed to get through the night alright with a 12-3 win - enough said. The box was fabulous and once again I ate myself into a coma, didn't drink too much but had a great buzz going on. I also spent some quality time in our dugout seats only to run into our LA mayor, sheriff, and Pete Caroll - what a combo! Why is it that those three bug me? Well, the Pete Caroll thing is an obvious one since I attended the University of Arizona and my husband's family are all LSU Alumn - which we will get into that come time for college football.

On another note, I know our starting pitchers are young but I got a good look at Kershaw yesterday. Um, I don't think he's even legal.

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