Monday, August 3, 2009

Forget the South Beach Diet, lets go Patron

NFL camps have begun and I can't tell you how excited I am as the camp news keeps coming in. So many players are signing, so many players are getting injured, so many players are reporting in shape, and of course we got the fatty's over at the Raiders camp.

A story that struck me this morning was that LenDale White reported to camp 30 pounds lighter because he dropped the tequila from his diet. Now since he is an SC alumn, I'm not giving him any benefit of the doubt.

So if he dropped 30 pounds from last year then does that mean he was on his tequila diet during last season? 30 pounds is a lot of tequila, especially if you're playing in a professional football game for many weeks in a row. 773 yards last year is pretty impressive on a patron diet. I take 2 shots of tequila and the last thing I want to do is play football - I just like to make out. It's a good thing he decided to shape up as this is is 'contract year'. For all you fantasy people out there, Mr. White might be a good addition for your team. It sounds like with the weight drop, he's on track for 1000+ yards this year.

Speaking of someone who has NOT been on track - Good ol Manny Ramirez. While I was watching the Braves game and he came up to bat with two on, two outs his stats appeared on screen - 1 for his last 19. Needless to say, he struck out looking (yes he got a hit later on which was followed by a bomb from Kemp). Should Torre maybe sit him out for a game or two? I remember back in the day when the Dodgers had Jew power Shawn Greene on their team and he was in a ridiculous slump. I think Jim Tracy was the manager at the time and benched Shawn and gave him time to grieve. When Shawn was given the green light to get back on the field, he went nutz - something on the lines of 49 homeruns for the season. Just a thought.

On a happier note, Jason Schmidt came out to play on Friday. I'm a little bit more convinced but not totally. Jason had 6 scoreless innings, giving up one hit and 3 strikeouts. Unfortunately he had 5 walks but the bottom line is that he kept one of the hottest hitting teams in the month of July scoreless. I'm in shock. I still need to see another game, however.

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  1. 33 days, 6 hours, 53 minutes, and 10 seconds left until the action begins! That is LSU Football action. Instead of tailgating for the first game in Washington, Tiger fans will be Sailgating---on huge beautful boats with lots of food, adult beverages, and really cute purple and gold outfits (I love sports, but I'm still a girl)!!!! No drinking on campus so you gotta have somewhere to go at halftime!!! Love ya Jess. Chat soon! Geaux Tigers. Your USC friends will love that! Hope to see them in the National Championship this year in Pasadena!!!