Friday, October 23, 2009

Bitter Divorce

Could this week get any worse for me? I just want the Angels to go away. Why would they want to extend their season into the Bronx only to get ruined on Saturday? It's not going to even be a game. The Yankees are pissed they had to extend this season. The Yankee fans are pissed they have to spend one extra day out in the bitter cold. Everybody in NY just wanted to relax on Saturday. Now they are going to make the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim pay.

I think I have been so absorbed into the actual baseball playoff games that I JUST heard about Frank and Jaime McCourt announcing their separation before the start of the NLCS and now Frank firing his separated wife from the CEO position of the Dodgers. That's the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. I have a feeling this is the start a long pissing contest between the two parties. Next thing you now, Jaime is going to put in her divorce papers that she wants sole custody of the Dodgers because she found out Frank was having sex with Alyssa Milano. Oy Vey.

The good news is that today is Friday and football is around the corner. Tomorrow is an ok college football day. The games aren't very nail biting on paper.

I like:

Oregon Vs Washington - Oregon is proving to be a better team then what they were to to open the season.

SC vs Oregon St. - SC is going to kill them

Bama vs Tenn - Bama will rip off Kiffen's head

And the reason I like these teams because I had initially picked Washington, Oregon St. and Tenn. If you have been following, my college picks have been terrible so I'm going opposite.

As far as NFL goes,

Cheifs (+4.5) over Chargers
We want Marty back! We want Marty back!

Texans (-3) over Niners
This is one of my tough ones. I don't know what to do but I'm going with the Texans. Sources say they haven't had a back to back win in a very long time and when they are favored they lose. But this might be the next generation Houston team.

Patriots (-14.5) over Bucs
I picked the Bucs last week and almost won. I'm not picking them this week and going to almost lose.

Colts (-13) over Rams
Colts will win by a lot.

Vikings (+4) over Steelers
Because everyone else is picking the Steelers and lets not forget, the Vikings are good.

Packers (-7) over Browns
The only QB that has a worse completion percentage than Jamarcus is Derek Anderson.

Panthers (-7) over Bills
Bills came off a great win last week. They will crumble.

Jets (-6) over Raiders
Note the above. And when was the last time the Raiders won a back to back game? I have no idea.

Bears (+1.5) over Bengals
The Bengals time to shine is over. The Bears time to be pissed off about last week is here.

Falcons (+4) over Cowboys
Just let me know when people will let go of the fact that the Cowboys are good. Just because they are flashy doesn't mean they are good.

Dolphins (+6.5) over Saints
Saints are playing outside of their comfort zone - and it's not air conditioned.

Cardinals (+7) over Giants
I think the Cardinals are done playing bad when they go east.

Eagles (-7) over Redskins
Wouldn't you be pissed if you lost to the biggest joke of the NFL?

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