Monday, October 19, 2009

The good, the bad, the ugly

The good:


Raiders defense was spectacular on Sunday. McNabb couldn't seem to get the ball to where it needed to go because the D was putting a great amount of pressure on him. He was a little off but I wouldn't take the credit away from the sliver and black.

And yes, Jamarcus proved he can be an ok quarterback. Two interceptions still makes him ok but he played a bit smarter this game. I mean it was fantastic that the Raiders kept running the same play on 3rd and long and Philly's defense couldn't seem to stop them. And I just love how hard Justin Fargas runs. He just puts his head down and steam rolls through the defenders.

My favorite part of the game was the 12th defender on the field - the pigeon. I don't know if anyone saw the little guy but he was just chillin about five yards from the play. And as the teams were driving down the field, so was the bird. I had a few laugh out loud moments because of the bird.

The bad: The new red paint on the wall at Staple Center. Yes, I went to a pre-season game last night and they decided to change the color of the entrance walls to a deep red. This is not the Clipper Center - it's the Staples Center.

Initial thoughts that actually have to do with Laker's Basketball:

1) Adam Morrison is going to be a good addition to team this year IF Phil puts him on the court. Saschy better watch out.
2) Ron Artest is a truck of a man. Maybe because the Houston Rocket Jersey made him look small, but that Yellow on him just brings out those arms. He's going to help our defense big time. We just have to make sure he doesn't go ape shit - fans beware!
3) Lamar sits on the bench and eats Starburst (he wasn't dressed).
4) Clippers are going to be good this year - Blake Griffen is pretty dominant under the basket

The ugly:

I think that the expectations I had for the dodgers/cardinals series against the cardinals are happening right now. THIS is the team I expected to step to the plate come postseason. Was it too cold for Billingsly to play? Season is over. Get out the golf clubs! It was a nice run.

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