Thursday, October 22, 2009

RIP Dodgers of the 2009 Season

It's sad when this puts me in a good mood:

Seymour also said in a radio interview with 1530 Homer in Cincinnati that the Raiders (2-4) will make the playoffs this season.

The Dodgers had a tremendous first half of the season. I'm proud of them for the way they played and how far they got. I just want to say I'm not disappointed because the fact of the matter they made it to the post season while a ton of teams came up short - some, very short. The Phillies were a better team. They outplayed and out coached the Dodgers. The season ended the exact same way it ended the year before. The Dodgers have to do some major work during the off season. Relief pitching was a disaster. All Broxton knows how to do is throw a 99mph fast ball that batters know how to hit - or a ton of Balls. That guy needs to go. Hitting is good but for whatever reason it goes cold when we most need it. We need some sort of shakeup in our lineup.

Next year we are going to the world series. I see this happen all the time. For two years straight, I watched the Raiders make it to the AFC Championship game only to lose to a better Baltimore team and get totally f**cked over by a tuck rule. What happened the third year? They went to the Superbowl. The further along a team gets the more criticized they are when they lose. But lets not forget there were four teams left playing in October while all the other teams were golfing in Arizona. It was a great run. Until Next year Dodger Fans!


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