Monday, October 26, 2009

I don't agree with the BCS

It is now set in stone. Yankees vs Phillies. Battle of the two largest cities on the East side of the United States. Make sure you head to Modell's to get your ALCS Champion Shirts! How exciting for the people that live on the west coast. Well, I think I might be the only person who is stoked. I was enjoying a lovely dinner with my family last night for my Grandmother's birthday while watching the game and I happened to be the only one rooting for the Yankees. They looked at me like I was from another planet. I mean am I the only person that doesn't want to see the 'other' LA team to make it to the world series? If it's not the Dodgers then it's definitely not going to be the Angels. The only reason I wanted them to win the world series a few years ago was because they were playing the Giants - the one team that bothers me more than the Angels.

It was a good thing this baseball game took place and brightened my mood because I got absolutely destroyed earlier with the football games. Surprisingly I got two out of three games correct in my college picks. I don't know, I might be back! That Bama game was very exciting and it's about time the LSU offense showed up. But can someone please answer me this? How in the world is it that LSU loses to the #1 team in the nation and is #9 and USC loses to an unranked team and is #5 in the BCS polls. Let's just look at the top ten below, shall we?

1 Florida 7-0
2 Alabama 8-0
3 Texas 7-0
4 Iowa 8-0
5 USC 6-1
6 TCU 7-0
7 Boise 7-0
8 Cincy 7-0
9 LSU 6-1
10 Oregon 6-1

As you can see LSU and Oregon are at the bottom of the list (rightfully so) because of their one loss. Don't you think that there should be one more one loss team at the bottom as well? NOT IN THE TOP 5? I know rankings at this point don't really matter because a lot will change from now until college football is over but I'm just trying to understand why the BCS has such a hard on for USC. Yes they went to ND and barely beat currently a #23 ranked team. Yes they went to Ohio state and barely beat #17 ranked team. In the beginning of this season I said that if USC won outright, they were going to the National Championship but the fact of the matter is that they have a loss and they should be ranked like they have one loss. The BCS is giving too little credit to these off the map ranked teams (remember that Bama/Utah bowl game last year?).

On a side note, my Wildcats are moving on up the rankings (they are #20). Their last game @ USC might just be an exciting one. They've come very close in the past few years.

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