Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lay off the umps

They made mistakes and I'm not going to take away from that. But without those mistakes, Yankees still win that game last night. Pitching was stellar. The Angels can't seem to get anything going against the yanks. After all the ups and downs in New Yorks pitching, I think they finally got their s**t together. They got their money's worth with CC. Rivera just keeps getting younger too. I was just so impressed when bases were loaded with no outs and Rivera came in and didn't let a ball get out of the infield. The Yankees won that game but that was just an impressive performance by the old guy.

Onto another note, I would like to believe that the Dodgers can get back in this series but I don't see that happening tonight. Monday night was just too devastating. And did anyone hear about Manny missing the ninth inning on Monday? He was in the shower! I have a feeling all the Dodgers will be in the shower starting the 2nd inning today. See you in the Spring!

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