Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back to reality

Ok, so I am back and have re-grouped. For four days straight I was eating as much fried food as possible (thanks to uncle Ricky):

And also thank you to Lori and Andy for putting together an unbelievable tailgate. Truly an experience to never forget.

It was also a non stop party session thanks to our cousins and friends.

It was so much fun but the LSU outcome was unfortunate. If you had them at +11 at the beginning of last week you were ok. But most people didn't. That game was such a let down. I had chills when the two teams met at mid-field and started talking smack to each other. I was convinced LSU was going to bring their A game, but instead brought their penalties. My ears are still ringing, however. That stadium is hands down the loudest place I have ever been. The good news is that the Tigers play Auburn, Bama and Ol Miss. Yea right.

Just as a side note, we did run into one of my husbands least favorite person:

Of course he was a very pleasant man however Josh has a big issue with him because of his love for the Trojans. And speaking of the Trojans they are traveling to ND this weekend for what I think is going to be a terrific game. Well, it will be a great game for the Trojans as they always work best off of rest. The first two minutes will be exciting then the Trojans will take their big lead.

More pictures to come. I will be reviewing the Dodger/Phillies series manana.

Happy Tuesday!

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