Friday, October 16, 2009

Why must one leave people on base?

If you were to look at the box score of a game and see that one team had 14 hits, the other one had 8, who would you think came away with the victory? The 14 hit team, right? Wrong. Dodgers had 14 hits and lost the game by two runs. So many runners were left in scoring positions and not one Dodger (mostly Furcal) couldn't come through with the clutch hit. The pitching was also the other problem for the Dodgers. Kershaw and Sherrill were left in the game one too many batters. Yank their asses out when they can't thrw a strike for the life of them and the Phillies best hitter is up to the plate. That game was incredibly exciting but at the same time extremely frustrating and about two hours from now, the guy who was fired back in August will be on the mound for the Dodgers. Don't get me started about having a game in California at 1:37pm. Dodgers are going to bounce back. Rumor has it the over/under is 9. I take the under.

So for football:

I already told everyone USC was going to win. Weather is bad but I still think when there is so much hype on the underdog team, the overdog usually comes out on top.

Pro football:

Texans (+5) @ the Bengals
I'll keep telling this to everyone, games that have the Bengals included in them are close. Pick the Texans.

Packers (-13.5) over Detroit
Packers are well rested. The Lions are not good.

Bucks (+3.5) over Panthers
Bucks are at home and that doesn't really matter because this will be the battle of the crappy teams.

Jags (-9.5) over the Rams
Jags are dealing with a bunch of unhappy staff members and I think they will bounce back from this with a dominant win over the worst team in football.

Browns (+14) over the Steelers
I know the Steelers are my Superbowl team but they just can't seem to get their offense moving in the right direction (in other words, they can't cover the spread at all).

Ravens (+3) @ Vikings
Vikings are good, Ravens are good. It's going to be a good game but the Ravens are not losing three in a row - I think.

Chiefs (+6.5) over the Redskins
Chiefs keep coming close to winning their games. They will come close again against an ok Redskins team on the verge of firing their head coach.

Saints (-3) over Giants
I know the Giants are a great road team but the Saints are a great home team and they are coming off the bye.

Cardinals (+3) over Seahawks
Seahawks have one wing.

Eagles (-14.5) over Raiders
Have you seen my recent blogs? I'm not a happy camper nor will I be for this game.

Patriots (-9.5) over Titans
Titans are no longer the best winless team in football.

Jets (-9.5) over Bills
They are pissed about their two game slide. They are going to make it up against the Bills.

Falcons (-3.5) over Bears
Falcons are at home. The bears are too unpredictable. I'm just going to go with home team dog.

Broncos (+3.5) over Chargers
I've picked the Broncos every week since the beginning of the season. Why would I stop now? Also, Norv Turner has really deep pores.

Have a great weekend!

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