Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Give me my championship ring!!!

For those of you who are wondering why I put a picture of some dude giving a peace sign to the camera after carving an L into a person's head, it's not to remind everybody that the Laker season kicks off this evening. It's to remind you how ridiculously crazy Ron Artest is. I know I've seen this done all over the place but this guy has yet to play a single regular game for the Los Angeles Lakers. And the last time he did, he was almost getting in a fight with Kobe Bryant.

The good news about Artest is that he isn't getting a Laker Ring tonight but BJ MBENGA IS! There is nothing like ring ceremonies. The reminence of winning the Championship leaks into the new basketball season and we pick up where we left off - and the Lakers get the bling to prove it. Then the 2008/2009 championship banner is raised and placed where the LA Sparks championship banner once lived. Poor girls.

Of course right when I gave praise to the Clippers Blake Griffen breaks his knee cap. I used to think the Clippers were just a joke of a franchise, sort of like the Raiders, but they have really bad luck. I guess that's what you get for practicing too hard.

Thinking back a couple days ago when I was on the Clippers jock, I want to take that back. I keep forgetting that Mike Dunleavy is their coach and as good as a person he is, he is not a good leader for this team. You can't take on two major responsibilities - a GM and a head coach. Not him.

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