Thursday, September 3, 2009

Less than an Hour!

This just in (and according to

Forbes magazine, famous for its rich lists, just came out with its evaluations of the 32 NFL teams. No surprise, Jerry Jones' Dallas Cowboys tops the list with a current value of $1.65 billion. Only two NFL teams are unprofitable: the Seattle Seahawks, who lost $2.4 million, and the biggest loser of them all, the Oakland Raiders. Al Davis' once wondrous franchise is now the least valuable NFL club at a "mere" $797 million, plus the Raiders had the biggest operating loss in the league at $5.7 million.

But onto more important things, college football is less than an hour away people. Time to get serious. But before I go into my picks let's just remind everyone of how funny of a start this college football season has gotton off to:

- Rich Rod breaking down into tears at his press conference
- Billboard placed up in South Bend reads "Best wishes to Charlie Weis in the fifth year of his college coaching internship."
- Lane Kiffen bringing the drama to the SEC

Here are my picks for tonight:

South Carolina @ NC State: NC State (NC State has a good thing going for them this year and the cocks are all messed up at the QB position).

Oregon @ Boise State: This is a tough one. Boise state has the best home record in college football. If Oregon is able to pull this out it's going to be HUGE for the PAC 10. With Boise St. @ -3 I think I'm going to be pulling for the PAC 10 tonight. I'm feeling a great game tonight and a great start to college football.

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