Friday, September 4, 2009

Welcome to college football

You know when you talk something up so much that by the time it happens, it's not so great? Well that was me with the football games last night. I was so pumped up about college football and unfortunately I got one game with a 7-3 final score and the other game with almost more turnovers than points. Let's not forget that my predictions were off as well. I didn't do my research. I find out after the South Carolina game that Spurrier is 19-1 in home openers. I should have known that shit. What a rough one......

The only good thing about last night was that the Dodgers won. You remember how two years ago the Padres were known as the Dodger killers? Well this year the Dbacks take that title. We have lost the last two series to them and let me remind everyone, they are in last place in our division. The only good thing about winning last night to the pitiful Diamondbacks was that Colorado lost last night to those unlucky bastards of a team - Mets. Up 5 1/2 games.

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