Thursday, September 10, 2009

Welcome to the NFL

Today is the day. The men of the most barbaric sport in the world take the field on their journey through rough terrain to South Florida where they will compete for the 2010 Super Bowl Title. The season starts off with a bang. Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Tennessee Titans. Well, according to me, this isn't a bang. The minute Lendale White took that yellow towel and stomped on it was the minute Pittsburgh was going to rip their heads off and stick it on a stick come September 10th 2008. Kerry Collins isn't getting any younger and I think the noise from the Steelers crowd is going to give him a headache - oh and so will the Steelers Defense (I also have the Steelers as my Super Bowl Team).

This coming weekend is so fun filled. Not only are the Dodgers in a neck and neck race for the 1 spot in the NL West (not my first choice for them but I can always appreciate a good end of baseball regular season) but we have a great college schedule on Saturday - USC/OSU included and the first Sunday of NFL Football. And to top it all off we are celebrating my favorite husbands 31st birthday party. This weekend is action overload and will be needing bloody mary's at my side at all times.

My NFL Picks for the week:

Atlanta -4 vs Miami - Miami ain't winning as many games as they did last year let alone making it to the off season. I don't think ATL was a fluke either. My pick: Atlanta.

Baltimore -12.5 vs KC - No brainer.

Philly -2 @ Carolina - How old is Delhomme? He's going to throw 5 picks.

Cinn -4 @ Denver - An inside source says Denver is still a mess yet a quality espn analyst has them as their surprise team. One team will make it out of the hole and since I despise Denver as a true Raider fan, I like Denver in this game :)

Minnesota -4 @ Cleveland - Welcome back you little bitch. Fresh old arms for the first game, go Minnesota.

Houston -5 vs Jets - Are you really going to believe all the hype with the Texans? go Jets.

Indy -7 vs Jacksonville - Indy is going to get to a slow start. I know Jacksonville has made zero improvements but 7 is a lot of points for a team with a brand new coaching staff and an unhappy QB.

NO -13 vs Detroit - Will be a 13 point spread at halftime.

Dallas -6 @ TB - Go with Dallas. They've got something to prove this year and TB doesn't have anything so they can't prove anything.

SF +7 @ Arizona - Take SF. SF is going to play them close.

Giants -6.5 vs Redskins - Always a close game.

Seattle will cover against St. Louis, Chicago will beat GB and NE will man handle Buffalo (not a good sign when someone in the coaching staff is fired the week of the start of the football season).

And now to my beloved Raiders vs Chargers game. I wouldn't call it a game. I would call it a moment for the Raider fans to dress up like freaks, get into knife fights, get as drunk as they possibly can (be extra drunk bc it's a Monday night) and walk out of that stadium 35-10 losers. I would be scared too Mr. Seymour.

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