Monday, September 14, 2009

My couch really liked me this weekend

Whoa, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the last few days. The only good thing about having food poisoning all weekend was that there was plenty to watch while I was stuck on the couch. College football was of course incredibly exciting. My picks were dreadful but I can still appreciate some very close, intense games. The Buckeyes had that game won. Tressel did such a great job containing SCs offense but when it mattered, he blew it. The way you win those games is you take risks. You don't have to do it all game but you have to do it when it's 4th down, you're somewhat in field goal range and range of a do-able 1st down. You've GOT to go for it. UCLA also proved to be a tough little group from Westwood.

Now, onto pro. I was counting down the days till the start of college football all summer but I couldn't have been more excited to enjoy a Sunday of football. Few observations:

1) Mike Singletary might be my favorite coach in the NFL. Along with his long wooden cross he wears around his neck, he also wears his field pass. Does he think he's going to get kicked off the field? I wouldn't cross him. He's just that guy that comes extra prepared. He also coached a great game on Sunday and has created quite the defense.

2) Seattle looked fantastic. They have all the weapons in the world on offense and their defense ain't too shabby. My only concern is when push comes to shove, I think Hasselbeck will throw an interception in the NFC Championship game, 3rd and goal with about 2 minutes left until Miami. This Seattle team reminds me a bit of the Rich Gannon's Raiders back in 2002.

3) Is anyone else a little bewildered at the fact the Ravens went for it on 4th and goal with thirty seconds left of the game, leading by a touchdown? They could have sealed the deal with a field goal but they went for it and took a 14 point lead against the Chiefs. Did they know that the point spread was more than 10 or something? That was very strange but at the same time, I'M STOKED!

4) My Raiders......oh so close yet so far. Fat ass QB got a 5 out of 10 rating from me. He made some great passes but at the same time threw 10 feet over the receivers head. That 4th and 15 pass was absolutely spotless. Unfortunately Rivers is just that good and took his offense up the field like it was nothing - in a matter of a minute. Only thing I have to say about our defense is we gave Sproles too much room to run. Don't give that little man that much room! Onto the Chiefs next week.

This time last year I was already throwing in the towel. Not happening quite yet. There were signs of life - unlike Al Davis' face.

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