Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sparks one loss away from being eliminated

I was so wrapped up in the WNBA game I was attending that I completely overlooked the fact that the Dodgers lost 5-4 to the Nationals. Last I checked it was 2-0 and Billingsley was pitching a no-hitter. Well, I guess that didn't go as well as originally planned. And neither did the Sparks game.

Yes, I attended a WNBA game and it was, well, a WNBA game. It was game 1 of the Western Conference Finals (series is first to two wins). The game was moved to the Pauly Pavilion on the UCLA campus because Staple Center was being used by Brittany Spears. It was a great 5 minute drive home for me so I wasn't complaining. But my aunt and grandmother were and it wasn't about the drive.

Everything about that game started off on the wrong foot. Not only was the change of venue all off but so were the Sparks. I actually got into the game. I mean I'm always going to root for an LA sports team regardless of the sports they play (except for anything USC). The girls just couldn't get it together. They looked tired, lazy and weren't playing smart. The all mighty Lisa Leslie is old and cranky. She blamed everybody but herself for mistakes she made. Maybe this is another Kobe/Shaq thing in the making but she needed to let Candace Parker take the reigns on this one. Candace is a stud-ess and my god, she looks fantastic for just having a child. Lisa just didn't have it in her. And dare I say, it's a little weird to put make-up on before you go play a basketball game.

One person I was infatuated with and I don't know if this is a crush or what but Diana Taurasi is my new favorite female athlete. She's fantastic at basketball, she doesn't shoot like a 'girl', throws every part of her heart into the game, and makes everyone around her better. I actually think she's pretty cute as well. Her shoulders aren't so broad anymore. She's this little skinny minny and has developed quite the body. And let's not forget about her recent DUI. She likes to have a good time apparently.

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