Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So much to catch up on

What a weekend of sports. The only disappointing thing about it was that come Sunday morning I couldn't watch Pro football. I know I can't have it all but it went from a great high to a real low - hangover included thanks to Jack and Marci's wonderful wedding. Have no fear though, I used the day to bite the dog that bit me.

Mark my word (and I know I said Texas was winning the championship this year) but I legitimately think that USC is going to play Florida for the national title. This Pac-10/SEC match-up is long overdue. SC is the type of team that gets better as the season progresses and for the last few seasons they have ended just short of being in the title game because of a stupid loss during the season. It may happen this year but I can almost promise they are going to finish the season probably one of the top football programs in the nation. Yes, Pete played it very safe with the true Freshman and he needs to play in a faster paced game, but their backs are all top quality and they have enough weapons to put everything together and have a close-to-pro team. Let's not forget their defense. The beginning of the game everybody had such high nerves going but did anyone recognize how fast that defense was? They pretty much almost took the heads off of San Jose St. I give a lot a credit to San Jose's QB for getting that ball out of his hands so fast in the 1st quarter but it eventually caught up with him. I turned the game off at the half and went over to the Georgia game.

Florida and Texas also dominated this weekend and Oklahoma went down in flames. Bradford came back for his senior year to deal with this? Bad break.

I liked Notre Dame's defense a lot and BYU and Cal are forces to be reckoned with. USC @ CAl and USC @ ND are going to be quite the games. My radio boyfriend Colin Cowherd thinks that Ohio State is going to give USC a run for their money but I highly doubt it. I saw what I needed to see this weekend and with USC @ -7, I take the Trojans. My picks were a disaster this week but the first week of football is always tough. Make no mistake I'm going to be on point from now on.

Watching football all weekend gave me a nice break to the Dodgers inconsistency's. They are driving me up the wall. Who knew the Padres and the DBacks were such a tough team?!?!?!? The Dodgers are making those teams look as if they are in the pennant race. 3.5 up from the Rockies.....AGAIN. Win one, lose one, win one, lose one. Get it together.

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  1. Nice. Word up to that! Are you guys coming to any SC home games this year?? let me know and...GO TROJANS!