Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chillin in the Hamptons

So I'm hanging out in the Hamptons with some very good family friends and I'm being pampered like it's nobody's business. All day today we hung out by the pool, drank a ton of wine and thanks to the MLB package my family friends have on every single tv in their house (they have 27 tvs and watched the game on their outdoor tv by their firepit) I was able to watch game three of the Rockies/Dodgers Series. When Furcal tried to be a hero and it went to shits, I thought oh great. We are dropping two of three to the Rockies and they are now two games back. But Broxton came through and had the game he really needed, ending it on a 102 mph strikeout. Dodgers are four games up from the Rockies and I think Broxton is back. Let's cross our fingers.

If we could flash back to yesterday, I had a very long day which included a bunch of bloody mary's on my flight over to NY. Straight from JFK we headed to the Bronx to catch my first Yankee game of the year at the new Yankee stadium. It was great. I saw the one game of the series the Yanks won and had the most fabulous seats in the world. 2nd row right behind homeplate. I inlcuded a picture for your entertainment (only girly side of me you're going to see).

PS. Barkley is named starting QB for SC. Should be interesting.

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