Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Plaxico Burress ain't playing football anytime soon

So this stuff I was saying about Manny before? I'm still sticking to it. For those of you who didn't turn the tv off before the 9th inning of the Dodger game last night you got quite the treat. As soon as the Brewers put in Trevor Hoffman I knew the Dodgers had a great chance to tie this game up even though we were down by four runs. That is until Manny stepped up to the plate, bases loaded, two outs, Dodgers down by a run (we just rallied to score 3). I think it was two or three pitches in, he flied out - game over. Bench his ass! And no, that doesn't mean give him the night off.

To switch gears a little, yesterday Plaxico Burress was indicted by a New York grand jury on charges of criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree. Now I've been listening and reading about a few different takes regarding this situation but I'm still not going to give Plax the benefit of the doubt. He brought a gun into a club and shot himself. Enough said? There are so many things wrong with that. The state of New York has a very strict policy about concealed weapons and Plaxico abused that policy. Now I highly doubt when he grabbed that gun to go out he said to himself 'self, this might not be a good idea because the mandatory sentence for having a concealed weapon is 3 and a half years in NY'. He brought it for his own safety. But do we know why he accidentally shot himself? What if he accidentally shot someone else? Has anyone ever spoken about why the gun went off? Did he accidentally sit on it? Or did he actually reach into his pocket to grab the gun for 'some' reason. Maybe he wanted to shift a little. Or maybe he saw something he didn't like and grabbed that gun for security purposes - which only means he might have had intentions to shoot someone.

There have been many discussions concerning a high profiled figures safety but the fact of the matter is that people get robbed or held at gunpoint all the time. I would think an average Joe or Jane walking down the street can just as easily be held at gunpoint as an athlete hanging at the club. If I'm about to turn a street corner and it doesn't look safe to me, I'm not walking there. So if Plaxico feels the need to bring a concealed weapon to a club for his safety then he shouldn't go. I can think of a 101 other ways to have a good time. Plus they charge you $500 for a bottle of Grey Goose that I can get at Ralphs for 20 bucks.

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