Friday, August 14, 2009

I wonder what's going on today

Since the rest of the world is talking about the Eagles signing Michael Vick to a 1-yr, $1.6 million with an option for a 2nd year at $5.6 million I mine as well. But to say the least, he has been signed, Goodell hasn't even said when Vick will be allowed to play (so funny if now Goodell decides to suspend him for 5 years) and those first two pre-season games are going to get the most views a pre-season game has ever had. I'll tell you what, Vick is lucky he has quite the support system. God bless Tony Dungy for wanting to aid in this situation. Tony is that nurturing type of guy and it is in his best interest to want to help people. It also helps when the Eagle's most prized player has your back as well.

Right now, Vick is saying and doing all the right things. He showed up to that conference, zero speech prepared, it 'came from his heart'. He looked sharp but not over the top. I definitely noticed he had empty holes in his ears. He acknowledged that he socialized with the wrong people and will take the right steps to better his image (even with the Humane Society). He did good and slowly but surely winning over the hearts of the people.

I'd like to say I'm on that guys side because I'm a very forgiving person but everytime I look at my lab I'm going to think about what him and his friends did to those dogs. It seriously takes my breath away to think that you can take a dog with a face like that and hang it, electrocute it, drown it, use it for bate for the other more ferocious dogs and be ok with it. Those dogs just want to love you unconditionally and the way you pay them back is torture them to death and laugh about it. It makes me gag even to imagine that. But that's all in the past, however. Vick has suffered the consequences and he has been given 'another' chance.

What does this do for the Eagles? If he is allowed to play, Andy is going to throw him into the mix for sure. If there is a team that can handle Vick, it's the Eagles. They are contenders this year, they have self confidence and Andy Reid seems to think that Vick is going to help in this situation.

It's going to be quite interesting after their bye week when they head to Atlanta. Vick let the Falcons down. They loved him there. I saw on sportscenter this morning Arthur Blank carting Vick off the field in a wheel chair after his knee injury. Arthur told stories that he shed a tear when Vick would shed a tear. Vick 100% let that franchise down and he's going to have to face it. To be continued.....

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