Monday, August 24, 2009

Little bit of everything

I'm still a little confused as to why the Red Sox would leave Josh Beckett in the game when he made it very clear in the beginning innings (how about first pitch of the game, a home run to Jeter) what type of pitching he was going to be deliver that evening. But as someone who despises the Red Sox, I'm not complaining. Yankees won 8-4 and Red Sox are only one game ahead of the Rangers. Who would have thought that when I made plans to go to the Yankees/Rangers game this Wednesday at the beginning of the season the Rangers would be in the Wild Card Race. They are one win and a Sox's loss to evening out this Wild Card Race. LOVE IT!!!!

The Dodgers couldn't quite pull a four game sweep but three out of four will do. This next series coming up is one that worries me a bit. If the Dodgers go all Dodger-y on me we can come out of this series tied for the lead (we once had I think a 15 game lead).

I also caught a glimpse this weekend of the Raider pre-season game. Just catching up on Sportscenter this morning, people are making too big of a deal out of Pre-Season games. Lions went 4-0 last pre-season, Raiders went 4-0 the pre-season before that. Enough said? Or the writers over at espn are just digging for stories right now. Either way let's stop coming to conclusions when Brett goes 1-4 with a total of 4 yards. Save your energy for the start of the regular season people's.

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