Wednesday, August 5, 2009

College football begins in a month people!!!!

I truly believe that every time Manny stepped up to the plate he was saying to himself "I'm out to prove Jessica wrong." He sort of did. He went 2 for 4 with a bomb in the 5th inning. Of course I'm not 100% convinced. Lets see what happens when two are on in the bottom of the 9th, two outs, Dodgers down by one in game 5 of the NLCS and Manny is up to bat. We'll see......

Ok, so college football is a month away and I'm so fucking excited I can't even tell you. Today I have been going back and forth with my Baton Rouge gang just confirming up plans for the Florida/LSU game. For those of you who are up for a fun vacation, Los Angeles will be taking over Baton Rouge that weekend. For those of you who haven't experienced an LSU tailgate, a writer from Sports Illustrated will be doing a piece about my families tailgate that weekend. That's some pretty impressive stuff. And for those of you who think I have a hard on for LSU, I will also be attending U of Arizona's homecoming against WSU a few weeks after that - as a good alumn, I'm all about getting drunk, crazy and cutting up a shirt to wear as a dress in Tucson!

But now to the more important talk - the actual football part. Let's start with LSU. They have quite the road ahead of them. Yes, they have a very easy non conference schedule but they need to save up come time for SEC play - nothing new there. The game vs Florida is going to be outright impossible but if by some miracle they can pull it out (because I'm there) they still only have Auburn, Ol Miss, Bama and Arkansas left. If they aren't dead by the end of the season I really think they can hold their own. They are somewhat rebuilding a bit defensively however the only way for LSU to go with defense is up. Most importantly, they have improved at the Quarterback position and they still got Mr. Scott! He's a machine.

Now as mentioned before, USC has an amazing recruiting class year after year. We will see how amazing they are since they lost a slew of defensive players and have quite the schedule this year. As a USC hater, I have no problem finally saying that this team has quite the schedule this year. At Ohio, at Cal, at ND, at Oregon. Yikes! I have a weird suspicion that SC is going to lose to Ohio State but I think that weird suspicion is me 'hoping' they lose. The odds aren't out yet but SC is going to win that game. And at 7 to 1 odds of them winning the National Championship, I see no harm in taking that bet. The other gut feeling I have is that they are going to play a flawless season then lose to my Wild Cats in their last game :)

A couple of other bets I like for National Championship wins are: Cal - 45/1 (that's the longshot), LSU - 25/1 (if you bet with your heart), Oklahoma - 6/1, Texas - 8/1 (my favorite).

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  1. I bet with my heart and my head!!! Geaux Tigers! Or at best--Geaux SEC (Bama is excluded from that--don't care if they win one game all year!!)