Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who knew?

The first few innings of the Dodgers/Giants game were not looking too good. Kuroda looked a tad shaky, Dodgers were leaving men in scoring position, and the Giants fans were all pumped up. I didn't like the scene set for the Dodgers. Then my man, Matty Kemp came to the plate and handled his shit. That's when my brother and father called me and told me they were out to dinner at Madeo's and wanted us to join for a glass of wine. Let me think about this......

Good news is that they had a tv there so we were all good. Was able to watch a few more scoreless innings and a little scare in the 9th. But before I knew it, the game was over and the Dodgers snapped their three game skid. I'm not getting excited because we could lose the next two games and be right back where we started.

Also as a side note, I was reading sports illustrated yesterday and in the portion of 'who's hot and who's not,' they had the Astros as the not so hot team. I think after I gave them a little shout out a few weeks ago about how stellar their pitching was, they started to sink.

So after we got home from a couple glasses of some very fine wine and grappa my husband convinced me to watch the TO show. I'm not one for reality but I am one for looking at a half naked man with probably the most perfect body (this is where my girl side comes out) I have ever seen. In this episode he went back home to Alexandria, Alabama to visit his family. It was very sad. TO lost it (and so did my husband and I - btw it doesn't take a lot to make my hubby cry) when he was visiting his grandma who had advanced Alzheimer's. And then to proceed on with his emotional roller coaster, he stopped by his daddy's house who has never ever been to one of his games! He was an absent figure in TO's life and TO went to get answers. The whole point of this silly story is that sometimes I just want to kill TO because he is such a hot head and when things don't go his way, all hell breaks lose. But you saw another side of him watching this show and it was very interesting. I've never really hated him but I'm rooting for him this year (and occasionally checking out his ass).

I think he is going to be a good fit for Buffalo. They are in a very difficult division but I'm not quite sure if Brady is going to bounce back the way everyone thinks he is, the Jets are going to be a mess at QB and I think Chad is going to go back to the old Chad of lets go through a ton of interceptions.

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