Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This girl just keeps digging herself a hole

This just in from my favorite sexual assault case (and according to On July 12, less than 24 hours after the alleged rape, McNulty writes about how much she has enjoyed entertaining the celebrities and VIPs.

"The golf tournament has been really fun ... I am really excited because we are all going to see Journey tonight and that will be soooooo much fun. Speaking of which I need to head over to dinner with your lookalike and a few others before heading out," the e-mail said, according to Cornwell.

Calvin Dunlap, the attorney for McNulty, told ESPN's Shelley Smith "no comment" on Wednesday in response to the release of the e-mails.

In her lawsuit, McNulty said she was distraught and left work after the assault, going to cry in her pickup truck.

Roethlisberger's lawyers are advising Ms McNulty to drop this case. I would listen to them if I were her. How crazy of a person do you have to be to 'fake' being raped? Is it because she needs attention? That's a very sorry way to get people's heads turned towards you.

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