Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Youkilis is a tool

The Dodgers held their own again in the middle innings of the game. Same as yesterday they began the game leaving multiple men on base and in scoring position then Jesus, I mean Andre stepped to the plate in the 5th inning with two on and hit an almost home run (double) to take a 2-1 lead. After a few more runs in the 5th, Manny stepped to the plate in the 7th and smacked a 3 run bomb to take a 6-1 lead. He looked stoked running back into the dugout. The boos after the home run were music to my ears. Manny was stoked and so was the rest of the team. It would be nice if that Dodgers can sweep the orange and black (disgusting colors) against the best pitcher in the league. But let's take it one step at a time.

In other baseball news, however, Youkilis turned into a major tool bag and charged the mound as itty bitty Porcello was waiting for the inevitable. But the skinny guy prevailed and body slammed that fat ass to the ground. Did anyone else notice? Youkilis got what he deserved but unfortunately the Sox still won and go figure, Lowell (Youkilis' sub) hit the winning home run.

And then in other unfortunate Raider news, DeAngelo Hall was on Colin Cowherd this morning and he was yet another ex Raider bashing the Raider family. It was rough listening to first hand accounts of coaches telling players that certain ideas sound great but they have to run them through Mr. Davis. Mr. Davis would attend occasional practices but would spend most of his time watching all the films. I mean this is nothing new but Hall and Cowherd were just giggling about it. The Raiders are the laughing stock of professional sports yet I'm still going to fly up to those games and wish for the best.

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