Thursday, August 6, 2009

If only Joe Joe listened to me 100%

When there are two on, two outs, I know it's tempting to take one of the best players off the bench and have him pinch hit - especially when the last time that happened he hit a grand slam. But when I said to bench Manny a couple blogs ago, I meant for the entire game. Not for 6 innings. And Joe Joe put him in, down by 3, two on, two outs and he grounded out. Needless to say, the Dodgers have lost seven of their last eleven games and taking on Derek Lowe this evening and the hot hitting Braves. You know that the hitting is good when Lowe has over a 4 ERA and 11 WINS! It's time to turn this around boys. The NL Central is starting to look a lot better than you guys and the yucky Giants are starting to gain speed on us.

In Raiders news, and according to CBS sports, the New England Patriots have obtained two-time Pro Bowl defensive end Derrick Burgess. Burgess had held out of training camp with the Oakland Raiders in hopes of being traded. On Thursday, they obtained undisclosed draft considerations for him.

Ha! He didn't want to go to camp hoping that another team would pick him up. God. It's like the time I went to the sleep away camp from hell. I should have just not shown up. Good move buddy, it worked!

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